Interesting projects

The projects we showcase here show a cross-section of our technological and design capabilities in different product lines. We curated this selection to emphasise our flexibility and the capacity the solutions to customers that best suit both the functional needs of the customers and the conditions in which the products will be operated. The final shape and form of a tank often depends not only on the contents to be stored in it, but also the operating location. The interior finish of a normobaric chamber may depend not only on the customer’s aesthetic choices, but also on its business concept and the way the product will be operated.

When designing our steel tanks and normobaric chambers, we can cross the limits of what is standard. One of our main principles is customisation. We do not care about simply selling a product. We are committed to providing customers with highly personalised quality, safety and functionality for the storage of different substances.

Stacja paliw w kontenerze z roletą osłaniającą platformę dystrybucyjną | Ekonstal

Filling station for cars and snowmobiles for a Norwegian customer

capacity: 20 m3

Vertical steel tanks with a heating system | Ekonstal

Vertical steel tanks with a heating system

capacity: 100 m3

Ekonstal - a tank for storing liquid-flammable substances

Specialised tank for storing flammable liquids

50 m3

Small-size and -capacity LPG tanks, capacity 10m3 | Ekonstal

Small liquid gas tanks for new construction sites of a filling station chain in Poland

capacity: 10 m3

Above-ground, single-chamber steel tanks made for a customer from Lithuania | Ekonstal

Aboveground, single-chamber steel tanks made for a customer from Lithuania

capacity: 60 m3

Underground, cylindrical tanks with a horizontal axis | Ekonstal

Underground, cylindrical tanks with a horizontal axis manufactured for a Czech filling station chain owner

capacity: 45 m3

Tank für flüssigen Kraftstoff mit Plattform und Dach, Insel Hestoya, Norwegen | Ekonstal-Gruppe

Tank for liquid fuel with a platform and roof, Hestoya island in Norway

capacity: 26 m3

Tankstelle mit einer untypischen, beidseitig abgedeckten Plattform | Ekonstal-Gruppe

A petrol station with a custom platform for a fuel dispenser

capacity: 30 m3

Tanks mit vertikaler Achse von fast 9 m Höhe, für einen französischen Abnehmer | Ekonstal-Gruppe

Tanks with a vertical axis, almost 9 m high, for a client from France

capacity: 50 m3

Mały zbiornik naziemny dla odbiorcy z Sandnessjoen w Norwegii

A small aboveground tank for a customer in Sandnessjoen, Norway

capacity: 6 m3

Punkt usług tlenoterapii normobarycznej w hiszpańskiej Andaluzji

Normobaric oxygen therapy service establishment in Andalusia, Spain

number of seats: 7 + 4

Drivstofftank for fartøy for kunde fra Norge | Ekonstal

Fuel tank for watercraft for a client from Norway

capacity: 20 m3

Normobar kapsel i en container for en nordamerikansk kunde | Ekonstal

Normobaric chamber in a container for client from North America

number of seats: 9 + 2

En sylindrisk drivstoffstasjon for en kunde fra Norge | Ekonstal

A mobile fuel station for a client from Norway

capacity: 35 m3

Et overjordisk tokammertank på øya Indre Kvaroy, Norge | Ekonstal

Aboveground two-compartment tank on the island of Indre Kvaroy, Norway

capacity: 50 m3

Normobaric for Life-kammer i Osielsko nær Bydgoszcz  | Ekonstal

Normobaric for Life chamber in Osielsko near Bydgoszcz

numebr of seats: 13 + 4

Paliwowa stacja w kontenerze z platformą osłoniętą panelami ze szkła hartowanego | Ekonstal

Fuel station in a container for a client from Western Norway

capacity: 35 m3

Mobil bensinstasjon i industriområde | Ekonstal

Mobile fuel station in an industrial area

capacity: 50 m3

Stor fem-kammer drivstofftank | Ekonstal

A large five-compartments fuel tank

capacity: 100 m3

Oxygen spa for client from Canada

number of seats: 9 + 2

Container bensinstasjon for en klient fra Tiesleidalen, Norge | Ekonstal

Container fuel station for a customer from Tiesleidalen, Norway

capacity: 35 m3

Komora normobaryczna z sypialnią | Grupa Ekonstal

Oxygen chamber with a room arranged as a bedroom

number of seats: 11 + 4

Kontenerowa stacja paliw

Fuel tank in a container – Botnhamn, Northern Norway

capacity: 40 m3