Normobaric oxygen chambers

The classic hyperbaric chambers offered on the market are usually single-seat or (less frequently) multiple-seat capsules, made of metal or flexible plastic. In this type of equipment, the user is only allowed to stay in a lying or sitting position, and the possibilities to change position are limited. In addition, oxygen is administered via an oxygen mask or oxygen cannula, and the oxygen content in the atmosphere can range from a few tens to as much as 99%. The pressure inside a classic hyperbaric chamber can be up to three times higher than atmospheric pressure.

Normobaria or light hyperbaria

Normobaric oxygen chambers by Ekonstal are devices for so-called light hyperbaria. They are distinguished from classical hyperbaric chambers by several elements:

  • size – up to a dozen people can be inside at a time; this depends on the dimensions of the unit, which is tailored to the customer’s needs,
  • the parameters of the atmosphere – the occupants breathe a mixture of gases of suitably selected proportions (check the parameters of the atmosphere in the chamber),
  • pressure – this is maintained at approx. 1500 hPa,
  • maximum duration of the oxygen session – this is not limited because, as the occupants are breathing a mixture of gases and not pure oxygen, there is no risk of developing chemical pneumonia,
  • the way oxygen is administered – you can breathe freely, without having to wear masks or oxygen cannula.

See our sample projects to get an idea of the personalisation possibilities of light hyperbaric chambers. View photos of the interiors and find out how they can be arranged.

Punkt usług tlenoterapii normobarycznej w hiszpańskiej Andaluzji

Normobaric oxygen therapy service establishment in Andalusia, Spain

number of seats: 7 + 4

Normobar kapsel i en container for en nordamerikansk kunde | Ekonstal

Normobaric chamber in a container for client from North America

number of seats: 9 + 2

Normobaric for Life-kammer i Osielsko nær Bydgoszcz  | Ekonstal

Normobaric for Life chamber in Osielsko near Bydgoszcz

numebr of seats: 13 + 4

Oxygen spa for client from Canada

number of seats: 9 + 2

Komora normobaryczna z sypialnią | Grupa Ekonstal

Oxygen chamber with a room arranged as a bedroom

number of seats: 11 + 4