Fuel stations in a container

What they have in common is a cubic shape, a platform under the dispenser and a tank hidden inside the container. They can differ in many parameters, and everything depends on what the customer’s expectations are and how he intends to use the filling station in the container. We can finish the product so that its appearance is consistent with the accepted principles of visual identification. We can, for example, overlaminate the logotype using weather-resistant foils, including reflective foils, apply a colour scheme of details or paint coatings indicated by the customer, or prepare the container for self-adhesive of the company logo or texts by the customer.

Fuel stations in a container – examples of completed projects

The selected projects we present show the possibilities for personalisation of fuel stations in a container. The customer can decide whether additional rooms are to be included in the container (e.g. technical room with a switchboard), whether additional external lighting is to be used (e.g. LED strips on the container’s contour), whether the dispenser is to be installed perpendicular or parallel to the axis of the tank, whether the platform is to be open, covered with steel or tempered glass panels, whether a recess is to be prepared for a payment terminal, etc.

Petrol station in container with roller shutter covering the distribution platform

Filling station for cars and snowmobiles for a Norwegian customer

capacity: 20 m3

Fuel station in a container | Ekonstal

Fuel station in a container for a client from Western Norway

capacity: 35 m3

Container fuel station | Ekonstal

Container fuel station for a customer from Tiesleidalen, Norway

capacity: 35 m3

Fuel tank in a container

Fuel tank in a container – Botnhamn, Northern Norway

capacity: 40 m3