Underground tanks

In the case of any type of steel tanks intended for the storage of fuels and other chemical, toxic or corrosive substances (and in the case of underground tanks in particular), parameters such as tightness, structural strength and anti-corrosion protection are extremely important. An unexpected leakage of an invasive medium into the environment may cause contamination of land and groundwater and expose the entrepreneur to severe penalties and financial losses. Underground tanks manufactured by Ekonstal are made of high-quality, certified carbon steel, protected with appropriate external coatings (Endoprene coating) and adapted to the nature and conditions of underground storage of liquid substances. This makes them:

  • suitable for use in many industries,
  • able to be used to store a wide range of petroleum products and other dangerous liquids,
  • appropriate to guarantee ecological safety in the place where they are installed.

Durable and solid carbon steel underground tanks are used by our clients for various purposes, including:

  • during the construction of new or modernization of existing fuel and autogas stations,
  • during the development of industrial infrastructure in production plants,
  • to ensure the possibility of storing aviation fuel at civil and military airports.

The foundation of this type of tanks underground means that they do not affect the aesthetics of the area and its structure. An underground installation is a valuable solution when it is not possible to fulfil the requirements regarding the distance between the tank and other buildings (too small area of the property), and it also enables to reduce the risk of damage caused by vandalism or intentional damage.

We manufacture steel underground tanks in accordance with industry standards and norms. Strict internal quality control and leak tests guarantee long-term durability and trouble-free use for many years.

Installation of an underground fuel tank at a petrol station in the Czech Republic

Multi-chamber underground tanks for petrol stations

capacity: 60, 60 and 25 m3

Underground fuel tanks fitted with rubber bands for anchoring and anti-slip belts

Underground fuel and LPG storage tanks

capacity: 10, 50 and 70 m3

Small-size and -capacity LPG tanks, capacity 10m3 | Ekonstal

Small liquid gas tanks for owner of a filling station chain

capacity: 10 m3

Underground cylindrical fuel tank

Underground, cylindrical tanks with a horizontal axis manufactured for a Czech filling station chain owner

capacity: 45 m3