Small liquid gas tanks for the owner of a gas station chain

Customers' countryPoland

DesignationLPG storage

Capacity10 m3

Interesting information about the project

For our customers we manufacture giant tanks, capable of holding up to 200 000 litres of liquid substances, as well as “tiny” ones for storing a few cubic metres of chosen medium. One of our regular customers ordering small-size and -capacity LPG tanks is an owner of a renowned international chain of filling stations. In the last few years, several dozen products of this type have been delivered to construction sites of new commercial liquid fuel distribution points in Poland. We manufacture and deliver tanks with repeatable, strictly specified parameters according to customers’ orders. This allows for easier use of the tanks, including standardised procedures for their placement at the construction site and subsequent servicing.

What are the characteristics of each of the products we have supplied within these orders? They are small, measuring just 3.6 metres in length and 2 metres in diameter, horizontal-axis underground steel tanks. They are dedicated to storing LPG, sold to individual customers at filling stations. Each has a capacity of 10 m3. Outside they are protected with an anti-corrosive polyurethane Endoprene coating, which is characterised by high resistance to abrasion, indentation, puncturing and high temperatures. We manufacture LPG tanks in accordance with the AD 2000 standard and the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. The tanks are used at a pressure of 15.6 bar. The order also includes the provision of earth extensions for the wells.