Specialised tank for storing flammable liquids

Customers' countryPoland

Designationflammable liquids storage

Capacity50 m3

Interesting information about the project

Decades of experience in our industry allow us to offer a wide range of tanks with different parameters, sizes, shapes and applications. They include specialised vertical and horizontal tanks for storing various media used in the industry, such as corrosive chemicals or materials that need to be stored at a specific temperature or heated. In such cases, a right design of the tank is crucial for the process in which the product is used. For one of our customers from the pulp and paper industry we manufactured a double-wall, cylindrical, horizontal tank for flammable liquids. It is used for storing fuel oil used to supply the heating furnaces in one of the production plants. Due to the nature of the medium to be stored, the tank was insulated with 100 mm thick mineral wool, which was additionally covered with aluminium sheet panels. This thermal insulation ensures that the physical and chemical properties of the stored medium are maintained. It reduces energy loss and maintains the right temperature of the tank contents.

The tank has one chamber with a capacity of 50 m3. Its diameter is 2500 mm and its length is approx. 11 metres. We manufactured it in accordance with EN 12285-2. In addition, we equipped it with a platform with a safety railing and an access ladder to allow easy servicing of the product. These elements were installed after the tank had been transported to the production facility of our customer.