Vertical steel tanks with a heating system

Customers' countryGermany

Designationgrease oil storage

Capacity100 m3

Interesting information about the project

Ekonstal - Vertical steel tanks with a heating system, for grease oil storage

Although in the photos it is placed horizontally, it was set up vertically at the delivery site. It certainly is impressive, as it rises above the surface of the Earth to a height of as much as 17 metres. This is its total length, including four strong legs, which ensure that it remains stable. The total length of the shell is almost 15 metres. Together with a diameter of 2,900 mm and a capacity of 100,000 litres it makes for a really large steel tank, which our client uses for storing grease oil.

Two identical tanks (which we manufactured for our client from S235JR steel), together with a third one already installed on site, formed a tank park connected by a common service platform. On top of the tanks we installed an external railing on the perimeter and a second, smaller protective railing directly at the pipes ends. We protected the outer shell with a specialised anti-corrosion, weather-resistant coating. The RAL 7032 colour was chosen by the client from a colour chart provided. The aesthetics of the product’s external finish were just as important to the client as the robustness of welded joints, tightness and durability. Aboveground tanks, especially large ones, are a noticeable element of the landscape. Therefore, customers are increasingly paying attention to ensuring that the finished product meets both quality and visual requirements and blends in harmoniously with its surroundings.

There is an additional, unusual element of the tank worth mentioning. It is a coil used to heat the stored medium, located in the lower part of the tank. It consists of 42 linear metres of pipe into which heating water with an operating temperature of approx. 95 °C is supplied. Such piping provides a heating surface of approximately 10 m2. The type of coil was adapted to the temperature requirements of the substance to be stored in the tank. It guarantees maintaining the density and other physical and chemical parameters of the medium expected by the customer.

The tanks we manufactured within this order are used at temperatures from -10 to +70 degrees Celsius. Other design highlights are pipelines ending in flanges and the DN 600 manhole, which has been equipped with a lifting arm to facilitate opening.