Industrial tanks

In addition to the typical non-pressure and pressure tanks for the fuel industry, we specialise in the production of process and industrial tanks. Depending on the type of medium to be stored, we can offer a variety of solutions to ensure that the physical and chemical properties and appropriate temperature are maintained. We fully understand that these parameters are in many cases crucial to maintaining the continuity of the processes for which the substances are used.

Our experienced design department carries out projects according to individual customer requirements. Our expertise allows us to manufacture industrial steel tanks of any size, suitable for any operating conditions and mediums with different properties. We can equip them with additional protective layers (e.g. additional anti-corrosion coatings or jackets for thermal insulation), internal heaters or coils.

Our experienced construction department carries out projects tailored to the individual needs of customers.

Types of industrial tanks in the Ekonstal offer

Our offer includes, among others:

  • aviation fuel tanks
  • oil tanks
  • formation water tanks
  • tanks for corrosion inhibitors
  • heavy oil tanks
  • mazout tanks
  • urea tanks
  • retention tanks
  • hydrophore tanks
  • glycol tanks
  • acid tanks
  • tanks for polyols and isocyanates
  • chemical tanks
  • leachate storage tanks and tanks for industrial waste water
  • washer fluid tanks

Steel technological tanks and industrial tanks — for whom?

In general, technological tanks are used wherever any technological process takes place. Therefore, they are used in virtually all industries, e.g. petrochemical, cosmetic, fuel, chemical, pharmaceutical or food. They may have a different structure and different usable capacity, adapted to real needs. We finish them in such a way that they meet specific standards for storing various substances used for industrial purposes. It means that they can be equipped with additional components necessary due to the technological process in which they are involved. Technological and industrial steel tanks enable to maintain production continuity, because they allow easy and safe access to both fuels and semi-finished products, such as oils, glycol, urea or other chemical substances.


Steel tanks for industrial need – what to think of?

Each steel tank, regardless of whether it is dedicated to the storage of fuels, liquefied gas, fertilizers or whether it is a tank made for the needs of industry, must meet the appropriate technical requirements. These include:

  • resistance to environmental conditions,
  • tightness,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • thermal and mechanical stability.

It is particularly important in the case of aggressive substances, with which contact in the event of uncontrolled leakage could result in contamination or fire. Depending on the purpose and method of operation, the technological tank should be equipped with appropriate elements, such as valves, pumps, connectors, alarm and safety systems. Additionally, it should ensure such storage conditions for the medium not to affect its physical and chemical properties. Contemporary technological processes in the industry require uncompromising, modern solutions that guarantee high efficiency and full safety.