Customization of steel storage tanks

Steel tanks are a special type of construction that are usually used in industry. They are manufactured to order for a specific customer. For that reason each of the storage tanks is characterized by a specific set of features that may differ significantly depending on the purpose of the tank and customer requirements. Among the hundreds of tanks produced so far by the Ekonstal Group, there are, of course, also products with repeatable parameters. Most often, however, each of the orders we perform requires the use of different design solutions. Below are some of the areas where customization of the ordered storage tank is possible.


Tank shape and type

We supply steel storage tanks of various shapes and types, so that they perfectly match the specificity of the target place. We offer both aboveground tanks and underground tanks, as well as vertical tanks and horizontal tanks. We specialize in the production of cylindrical tanks, however, we also manufacture rectangular tanks and tanks in container construction. Thanks to that, our tanks can be adapted to various spaces and conditions in which they will be used.


Number of chambers in a storage tank

We produce single-chamber tanks that are dedicated to storage of one type of medium, as well as multi-chamber tanks. Depending on the needs, it can be up to eight chambers, each of which can be used to store a different medium (e.g. petrol, adblue, various types of diesel, etc.). In addition (including the requirements regarding, e.g., the type of well), each of the chambers can have a different capacity.


Number of walls

The wall, i.e. the shell of the storage tank, is also a protective layer that prevents contact of the stored substance with the environment. As a rule, for the storage of neutral substances (e.g. some types of fertilizers, water, some types of oils) and low aggressiveness, single skinned tanks are used.

Flammable, corrosive and toxic substances as well as fuels must be stored in the twin wall tanks. The double-skinned or double-wall construction provides additional protection in the event of a possible leak. If the inner wall is damaged, the substance stored in the inner tank will not escape to the outside, but will fill the interstitial area (the space between the inner tank and outer wall). Depending on your needs, we can provide you with both a single-wall tank and double-wall tank.


Tank capacity

Each customer has its individual tank capacity requirements. Thus, we offer the possibility to customize the capacity of steel tanks to perfectly suit your individual needs. We can make tanks with a minimum capacity of 3 m3 and a maximum capacity of up to 200 m3. In the case of very large tanks, the final assembly of the storage tank can take place after its components have been delivered to the final location.


Examples of tanks: (1) large, horizontal aboveground multi-chamber storage tank, (2) large, horizontal underground single-chamber tank, (3) small, above-ground single-chamber horizontal tank, (4) small, underground single-chamber horizontal tank

Large, horizontal aboveground multi-chamber tank Large, horizontal underground single-chamber tank Small, above-ground single-chamber horizontal tank Small, underground single-chamber horizontal tank


Storage tank finish – protective coatings, thermal insulation

We adapt tanks to your needs both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The tanks can be protected with additional protective and anti-corrosion coatings, e.g. when they are used in a place with particularly unfavourable weather conditions. This increases the durability of the tank and extends its lifespan.

If the tank will be used to store a substance for which it is necessary to keep a certain temperature to maintain constant physical and chemical properties, we can use additional thermal insulation layers. We can insulate the entire tank, its selected chamber, stub pipes or pipeline. The storage tank can be equipped with a special heater with a structure that allows to achieve the thermal parameters specified by the customer.


Examples of thermally insulated tanks: (1) the entire tank was covered with a thermal insulation layer, (2) one chamber in a multi-chamber tank was insulated, which is used to store AdBlue

Tank for flammable liquids with a thermal insulation layer Aboveground tank - one chamber in a multi-chamber tank was insulated


External appearance of the storage tank and aesthetics

We also take into account expectations regarding the overall external appearance of the tank. When ordering an aboveground tank, you can choose the paint colour from the RAL colour chart. It will allow you to more harmoniously integrate the structure into the surroundings. It may be important in the case of aboveground reservoirs, which, due to their size, usually are a large interference in the landscape.


Examples of storage tanks with a colour selected by the customer from the RAL color chart

Above-ground steel tank in beige Above-ground steel tank in green Above-ground steel tank in white

If you wish, we can also cover the tank or container with additional graphic elements, e.g. stick a logotype, company slogan or other graphic visualization element. We use the highest quality foils with increased resistance to changing weather conditions. The included elements can be made of fluorescent foil, which reflects the light coming from e.g. car headlights. Thanks to this, the visibility of the tank after dark increases, which improves safety.


Storage tank foundation

Among the orders we have performed, there are also those that required the use of non-standard construction solutions. It is always important to ensure compatibility with the type of substrate at the location of the tank. Among the elements we include there is: foundation height. If required by the project, we can prepare a tank for you, e.g. with a significantly raised foundation, which allows you to create a clearance of a certain height (e.g. 500 mm). It may be necessary, e.g., when additional insulation of the tank at the target location is required. Another option is, e.g., zero foundations, used when it is necessary to stabilize the tank on the foundation plate, however, without lifting it above its surface. In some cases, we make tanks completely without foundations and deliver them to the site separately.


Examples of aboveground tanks: (1) with raised foundation, (2) with standard foundation, (3) without foundation.

Aboveground tank with raised foundation Aboveground tank with standard foundation Aboveground tank without foundation


Additional options and accessories for the storage tanks

We offer many additional options to further personalize your steel tanks. We equip tanks with additional equipment and accessories, such as platforms, platforms, ladders, balustrades, standard and non-standard lawnmower wells, manhole extensions, as well as distributor platforms and roofing. The platform may also be customized. We may e.g.:

  • leave it open with access from all sides,
  • build it on both sides with panels made of sandwich panels, steel or tempered glass,
  • make it in the form of a shallow drip tray,
  • close it with an external roller shutter.


Examples of tanks: (1) with a roof and a platform covered with steel panels on both sides, (2) with a container structure, with a platform covered with a special roller shutter, (3) with a roof and a platform with access from three sides

Tank with a roof and a platform covered with steel panels on both sides   Tank with a container structure, with a platform covered with a special roller shutter Tank with a roof and a platform with access from three sides


We offer the option of installing additional lighting, e.g. LED side lighting or top lighting. Other additional tank options include: possibility of equipping with an electrical and/or ICT switchboard, installation of an interstitial monitoring device (detection system) to monitor the interstitial space, installation of a payment terminal on a distribution platform or tank wall, installation of a fuel dispenser.


A tank tailored to your requirements

As a manufacturer of steel tanks for the storage of liquid substances, we are proud to personalize some features that you can take advantage of.  The most important for us is to meed customer specifications. We perform each order in such a way as to create a tank ideally suited to your needs, meeting the highest quality standards. Regardless of whether you need an aboveground or underground tank, vertical or horizontal tank, small or huge tank, we are ready to provide you with a solution that will meet your expectations.


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