Cube normobaric chamber

Special features

The containerised normobaric chamber has been offered by Ekonstal Group since 2020. It is an innovative “all in one” product, which means that its installation requires only the preparation of a suitable foundation and the connection of utilities (water, electricity, and the Internet).

The equipment is designed to provide the standard normobaric chamber a number of innovative features. These include compact dimensions, customisability, and ease of transport and installation. This helps the chamber to fully meet the needs of private and business customers from Poland and other regions of the world.

Interior finish

The interior design options are the same as for the cylindrical normobaric chamber. The price includes standard equipment of the normobaric chamber and additional options for a customised finish. The customer can choose the printed wall film art for the interior walls, choose the flooring colour, define the number of seats, or even replace the seats with comfortable sofas.

The options depend the needs and aesthetic tastes of the buyer. The external walls of the container can be finished with art specified by the customer. This way, the customer can match the external appearance of the cube normobaric chamber to the architecture and landscape of the operating location.

General description


The container is an aesthetically finished, elongated cuboid.


The container unit dimensions can be reduced from the standard normobaric chamber specifications, to be approximately 10.5 m long instead of 19 m.

Engine room

The proper chamber is housed together with the pressure lock inside the container. This eliminates the need for building separate rooms/structures to house the automatic controls.


  • The smaller version can be dedicated to private customers who want to use it on their own property and need the applied solutions miniaturised.
  • Depending on the interior design, a normobaric chamber can also be used by business customers for commercial operations.


The proper normobaric chamber may consist of:

  • The VIP Zone only;
  • The Relax Zone and the premium VIP Zone.

The number of seats in each zone depends on the arrangements with the customer.

The container also houses the airlock and a fully equipped toilet.