Safety of use

A normobaric chamber is a machine inside of which people stay in an atmosphere significantly altered from the Earth’s ground level conditions. The most significant alteration is the air pressure, which is about 500 hPa higher than on the sea level. This is why many of our customers ask us this at the beginning of business talks: “Is the normobaric chamber safe?”

Yes, it is completely safe, both in terms of the materials used which comply with fire protection standards, the quality of construction of the chamber, and the efficiency of the automatic control systems tasked with maintaining the specified internal atmosphere parameters. The safety is ensured by a professional team of the Ekonstal Group design engineers, quality inspectors, and all production workers involved in the fulfilment of each project.

CE mark for a normobaric chamber

Quality management and CE marking

We have implemented very strict procedures for the design and production of each normobaric chamber at our manufacturing plant. The procedures have been established under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (certification body: UDT Cert).

The design of the pressure components in a container or standard normobaric chamber has been certified in a construction report by TÜV Rheinland, a notified body which has issued a Module B Type Test Certificate. Every normobaric chamber is supervised by the same notified body during production, which issues a Module F Certificate of Conformity at the end of production. Based on the Module B and F certificates, Ekonstal labels the structure of each normobaric chamber with a CE marking and the notified body number.

The manufacturer meets all national requirements for fire protection, which ensures full operating safety of the normobaric chamber. Each chamber is checked by DEKRA Certification sp. z o.o. for compliance with EU fire safety regulations.

The entire production process is fully standardised and strictly controlled. Thanks to this, we can guarantee timely fulfilment of orders and full compliance with design specifications and applicable standards, including those relevant to the construction of pressure components.

Cylindrical normobaric chamber

Safety of use of the normobaric chamber

The normobaric oxygen capsules are manufactured by the Ekonstal Group from scratch and from materials dedicated only to this purpose. No materials that have previously been used in any other application are applied in the production process.

The vessels, which form the structure of this machine, are always manufactured separately for each order. The interior outfit and furnishings are designed in consultation with the customer and can be personalised to a large extent under certain technical conditions. As a result, the arrangement of the rooms can be adapted to the customer’s sense of aesthetics or (if the device is to be used for commercial purposes) his business visual identification.

Each normobaric chamber features a fully automated control system that allows managing and monitoring the internal atmospheric parameters. An extensive system of protections ensures smooth operation of the normobaric chamber. An alert system allows monitoring the operation of individual devices installed in the automatic control system and facilitates their timely servicing.