Additional equipment

For whom?

Clients who decide to purchase tanks manufactured by the Ekonstal Group can also use a comprehensive range of fittings, fixtures and accessories necessary for the installation and operation of the tanks. These are both standard and custom-made pieces.


Additional equipment for steel tanks - specification

Standard lawn sumps

Installed on underground tanks located in green areas and outside roads. Specially reinforced design allows the sump to maintain performance even in case of mechanical hardening of ground around it. Its assembly is very easy and fast. The lawn sumps can also be equipped with a ladder inside it, which facilitates access to the fittings installed on the tank.

Non-standard lawn sumps

Depending on the Client’s needs, we can prepare sumps suitable for installation on underground tanks, with parameters modified compared to standard models. These types of sumps are made in such a way as to allow free access to the tank fittings. For example, they can feature two covers that open independently for better versatility and functionality of the product. There is also an option of additional anti-corrosion protection, culverts, additional safeguards, opening systems, etc.

Heavy-duty manhole shafts

Installed on underground tanks located in roads. Shafts designed for installation under WADIII watertight heavy-duty manholes, including hatches with the following dimensions: 920×920 mm and 1400×740 mm.

Watertight heavy-duty manholes WADIII E 400KN

Certified and made ​​of the highest quality materials to safely carry loads of up to 400 kN. WADIII E 400 kN manholes meet the conditions for their installation in driving lanes and parking areas for heavy-duty and passenger vehicles according to DIN EN 124.

Central fuel filling point

Made of high-quality stainless steel and manufactured in 1+1 versions (1 product + vapour coupling) to 5+2 (5 products + 2 vapour couplings)