Oxygen Spa design

A normobaric chamber (known also as oxygen SPA  or normobaric capsule) is a specialised, certified equipment unit used for recreational normobaric sessions, which are a perfect complement to various beauty and spa treatments.


What is an oxygen SPA made of?

The final shape, appearance and construction of a normobaric chamber is the result of advanced engineering know-how and the achievements of modern science.

The vessels which form the “shell” of the oxygen SPA are built from scratch with suitably preprocessed components. They have never been used in any other application, especially for storage chemicals like fuels.

The oxygen SPA is a steel vessel. The vessel is insulated and provided with outer and inner surface protection made with special coatings complete with the required approvals. The vessel is provided with windows and doors suitable for operation at increased positive pressure and ensuring stable parameters of the internal atmosphere.

Design of the oxygen SPA

The chamber interior may feature:

  • Pressure lock, or the transition room for compression and decompression;
  • One or two furnished rooms (the Relax and VIP Zones) for oxygen sessions;
  • A fully equipped toilet.

All materials and components used by the Ekonstal Group for construction of the oxygen SPA:

Oxygen SPA design | Ekonstal Group

ensure maximum and uncompromised safety to the occupants

Oxygen SPA design | Ekonstal Group

are sources from trusted suppliers who can provide appropriate certificates and approvals

Oxygen SPA design | Ekonstal Group

are made specifically for normobaric chambers only

Design and construction of the Oxygen SpaDesign and construction of the Oxygen Spa
Normobaric chamber - control panel


A fully automated system is tasked with managing and maintaining strictly defined parameters of the atmosphere inside the normobaric chamber which are different from the Earth’s atmosphere. The automatic control system features a number of monitoring, diagnostic and alarm functions.

In the pressure lock and the Relax and VIP Zones are control panels with displays reading the atmospheric parameters and facilitating compression and decompression.

Types and sizes of normobaric chambers manufactured by the Ekonstal Group

The overall length of the chamber varies with the type chosen by the customer. The largest chamber currently in production is over 18 metres long and can accommodate up to 19 people inside.

SymbolHeight with insulation [mm]Total lenght [mm]Number of seatsin RELAX zonein VIP zone
K1 V60~3 55010 40011110
K1 V70~3 55011 90013130
K1 V80~3 55013 40015150
K1 V90~3 55014 90013134
K1 V100~3 55016 40016164
K1 V120~3 55018 40019194