Normobaric chambers

Was ist eine normobare Kammer? | Ekonstal

What is a normobaric chamber?

The normobaric chamber is a modern device for conducting oxygen sessions under increased pressure. Inside it, constant, carefully selected parameters of the atmosphere are maintained. They were modified in relation to the parameters of the Earth’s atmosphere as follows:

  • pressure increased from approx. 1000 hPa to approx. 1500 hPa,
  • the oxygen content is increased from 21% to approx. 40%,
  • the amount of carbon dioxide is increased from approx. 0.05% to approx. 2%,
  • the amount of molecular hydrogen is increased from about 0.00005% to about 0.5%.

Atmosphere parameters in normobaric chamber | Ekonstal


Research by scientists has confirmed that such a composition of the gas mixture in a normobaric chamber is the closest to optimal conditions for human health. Why?

  • The pressure increased to about 1500 hPa accelerates the regeneration of human organs and tissues and is also conducive to the absorption of more oxygen by tissues.
  • Because of the increased content of carbon dioxide, oxygen is much more easily detached from haemoglobin in the capillaries and goes to the tissues and organs where it is most needed.
  • Hydrogen is one of the most effective antioxidants that helps the body in neutralizing harmful free radicals.

Normobaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive, painless and completely safe way to support your body in the processes of relaxation, regeneration, prevention and treatment of various diseases. The most important feature of this device is that it uses the potential of nature to stimulate the body to work more efficiently, and all its tissues and organs – to regenerate more effectively.

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Normobaria - a natural method of supporting the regeneration of the body

Environmental pollution, microplastics, genetically modified food, artificial preservatives in the meals, smog, stimulants such as alcohol or cigarettes, stress and overwork – these are just some of the factors that negatively affect the functioning of the body.

One of the remedies to this problem is the constant development of medicine and cosmetology, with ever new centres for biological regeneration, rehabilitation and aesthetic surgery or SPAs.

One could think that there is nothing left to invent in this area. The truth is, however, that by combining technological advances with medical progress, it is possible to create a device to enable your body to recover much faster from illnesses, injuries and strain, and to remain young and thriving for longer. Furthermore, the most important feature of this device is that it uses the potential of nature to stimulate the body to work more efficiently, and all its tissues and organs – to regenerate more effectively. The device in question is the normobaric chamber, which makes it possible to carry out oxygen sessions in conditions of increased atmospheric pressure.

Find out what Mr. Apoloniusz Tajner (the most famous trainer of Adam Małysz) and Mr. Krzysztof Polasik-Lipiński (the president of the board of Ekonstal) think about the oxygen sessions in a normobaric chamber.



Normobaric chamber – atmosphere close to perfect

Research conducted by various scientists confirms that the current atmospheric conditions on Earth are not optimal at all for our functioning. This is the case with both the pressure and the mixture of gases we breathe. Why?

The truth is that pressure raised to a level of about 1500 hPa accelerates regeneration processes, including increasing the number of stem cells, necessary for the reconstruction of human organs and tissues. Moreover, the body benefits from a change in the proportion of gases in the inhaled air. It is also thanks to the increased pressure that twice as much of life-giving oxygen can be better absorbed by tissues. This effect is also enhanced by 10 times higher content of carbon dioxide, which facilitates detaching oxygen from haemoglobin in capillaries. Add to this a 10 to 20 thousand times higher content of hydrogen, which is considered to be one of the most effective antioxidants, and you will get an atmosphere which is almost perfect. And this is the atmosphere that is maintained in the normobaric chambers produced by Ekonstal.


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Where to buy a normobaric chamber?

When you decide to purchase a normobaric chamber, it is essential to choose a proven and reliable supplier. Currently only one manufacturer of normobaric chambers in the Polish market can prove its competence and appropriate preparation of the production process with official certificates of positive audits carried out by recognised notified bodies. It is the Ekonstal Group, which delivers its products to customers in Poland and around the world.

Ekonstal’s normobaric chambers, as the only ones in Poland, were tested by a team of scientists from the Faculty of Medicine at the Collegium Medicum of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The results of these studies confirmed the health-promoting aspects of using the chamber.

Why it is so important to be a certified and proven manufacturer of normobaric chambers? For a few reasons.

  • Firstly – the production is done in our production plant in a procedural, formalised and precisely arranged manner. This guarantees full quality control at every stage and compliance of the final product with strict requirements.
  • Secondly – know-how and expert experience allow us to keep on developing and improving the finished product and introduce its different versions.
  • Thirdly – thanks to appropriate process management and organisation, we are able to mass manufacture normobaric chambers within a precisely defined and controlled time horizon.
  • Fourthly – we provide full service at the stage of trade negotiations and at the post-sale stage.
  • Fifthly – we deliver a product completely safe for the health and life of users, neutral for the climate and fully finished, with the interior prepared so as to meet the client’s needs.


When choosing a manufacturer of normobaric chambers, pay attention to the following:

  • the materials the device is made of; you should have doubts when the device includes tanks that were previously used for storing fuel or other chemicals, for example (check our quality standards),
  • are the certificates of your supplier issued by recognised certification bodies,
  • how many such devices have the manufacturer produced so far and where they are situated (check the locations of chambers from Ekonstal),
  • whether the supplier has the relevant production facilities and whether they have implemented appropriate procedures and quality management system,
  • the quality of the finished normobaric chambers – visit at least one or two operating devices and have a look at the details inside as well as the machine room and external elements.

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