Steel tanks

Steel tanks have application in many different sectors of the economy. They are used:

  • in industry and agriculture,
  • in the military and service sectors,
  • in the construction and fuel industries and others.

Appropriate design solutions, reliable workmanship and good quality of materials ensure long life time, high durability, tightness and functionality of such products.


Types of offered steel tanks

Vertical and horizontal cylindrical tanks manufactured by the Ekonstal Group are a wide range of products, which can be customised according to the client’s needs. It is important, as the expectations as to technical parameters may vary depending on what type of substances the client wants to store and where and how the steel tank will be used. Therefore, the Ekonstal Group offers the following:

  • aboveground and underground steel tanks,
  • single wall and double wall steel tanks,
  • single compartment tanks or multi-compartment steel tanks (up to 8 compartments).

At the design stage, we are able to define parameters such as the ultimate volume of the steel tank and its individual compartments, the tank length and diameter, and the equipment used. It is also possible to introduce non-standard solutions. For example, steel tanks can be additionally secured if they are located in an area with particularly unfavourable weather conditions, or equipped with additional accessories suitable for the way the product is used, (e.g. internal heaters, coils, thermal insulation layer, ladders with protection against unauthorised access, landings, platforms, railings, wells, well extensions and others).


Steel tanks – aesthetics are also important

The aesthetics of our products is important for us. Apart from tightness, durability and safety in terms of influence on environment, our customers are now paying attention to visual qualities. They are especially important in the case of aboveground tanks, which – due to their dimensions – often become a significant element of the landscape once installed on site. Parameters such as the colour of the outer shell, brand identification (e.g. logos, information stickers) and the aesthetics of the tank itself as well as its accessories can help to ensure that the tank blends in harmoniously with its surroundings and does not represent a visually negative intrusion into the landscape.

Whether you are looking for a 1,000 litre LPG tank, a tank holding 100,000 litres of fuel or an industrial tank for a specific medium – contact us! We will suggest a suitable product and its parameters, and prepare transport, so that the tanks you order arrive safely and on time at the construction site.

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