Competitive advantages

Production director and president of the board of Ekonstal

Unique competence and know-how

The history of the Ekonstal Group dates back to the 1950s. In the course of seven decades on the market, we have grown from a local company operating in the sector of agricultural mechanisation and agricultural engineering services into an international organisation specialising in the production of high-quality pressure and atmospheric, aboveground and underground storage tanks for fuels, fertilisers, natural gas and other chemicals, as well as container fuel stations.

The know-how we have developed, supported by advanced engineering and achievements in medicine, helped us to enter a market completely different from our decades-long legacy. In 2019, we introduced a product unique on the global scale, certified chambers for sessions with increased level of oxygen partial pressure, dedicated to both private customers and commercial beauty & spa businesses.

Welding of a black steel tank

The best experts and professionals in their field

Our management team and lead engineers have worked in the vessel and fuel industry for over 20 years. We are a team with the goal of continuous improvement. Together we aim to provide the best service for our customers.

We owe our market success to all our employees. Thanks to the professional skills of our specialists in welding, coating, shot-blasting, CNC machine tools and other processing equipment used in the production of black steel tanks, we can manufacture each product on time, ensuring the highest standards and full compliance with the required parameters.

Clamping ring (spannring) for the production of tanks

Modern technical infrastructure and production facilities

Thanks to the complete corporate restructuring launched in 2015, including the upgrading of the production line and the reorganisation of the entire company, the Ekonstal Group joined the ranks of the fastest growing and most modern production facilities of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. We consistently invest in the development of specialised processing and production facilities to manage manufacturing operations which are efficient, timely, and cost effective. We carry out systematic investments to expand and retrofit our manufacturing, assembly and warehousing facilities, as well as welfare amenities for our personnel to provide them with safe and comfortable working conditions.

Our proper preparations for production processing allows us to fulfil orders from the most demanding customers. In this way, we work on the trust that pays off in more contracts.

Production of a normobaric chamber

Uncompromising quality and sustainability

Quality in every respect is our top priority. It applies both the characteristics of the products that leave our production plant, the way our team works in each business unit, and the level of pre- and after-sales service. The manufacturing at the Ekonstal Group is operated in compliance with European standards, based on the procedures established under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We can also be proud of many specialized industry certificates, confirming our competences.

Our tanks, vessels, and normobaric chambers are manufactured using the best quality components and input materials. This guarantees durability, reliability and perfect safety for the environment and people who use our products in various ways. Ekonstal puts the “ECO” attitude in the centre. We strive to ensure that the steel tanks we supply allow the storage of chemicals in a manner neutral to the environment. In addition, by using only the best quality components and input materials, we extend the life cycle of our products to ensure many years of trouble-free use. We thus contribute to reduced waste generation in the long term.

Production of black steel tanks

Flexibility and customisation

Each product that leaves our manufacturing plant is unique, as it is created strictly according to the requirements and expectations of the customer. We provide a very wide range of customisation options. We can fulfil orders for non-standard tanks with a wide range of options to customise the following features:

  • tank capacity;
  • tank diameter;
  • number of internal compartments (each compartment can be dedicated to store a different substance);
  • optional equipment and fittings (e.g. manholes, platforms, access ladders, custom piping per the specifics of the tank installation location, fuel dispenser installation, and conversion of mobile fuel stations for self-service refuelling, electrical lights, and more).

We successfully provide our customers with end-to-end products, tailored to the needs arising from the industry in which they operate and the type of chemicals they wish to store. Extensive customisation options also apply to our second product line, i.e. normobaric chambers. Learn about the customisation options we can offer when purchasing a chamber.

Ekonstal production hall


An important competitive advantage of the Ekonstal Group is innovation and out capacity to implement the latest solutions. “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” is one of the important guiding principles of our operations. Thinking outside the box allows us to launch solutions that go beyond the standard and — as in the case of devices for session with exposure to increased oxygen partial pressure — effectively combine advanced technical engineering, physics and medical science.

Thanks to this, we are successfully entering new markets and provide our customers with a new quality, helping us to meet the needs that arise as the world around us develops. We appreciate the creative potential, commitment and ingenuity of our team, as they contribute to the Ekonstal Group building a strong and trustworthy brand.

Ekonstal production building

Trust from international oil companies (and beyond)

We supply products to many national and international customers, including global oil corporations, fuel station chains, and gas distribution businesses. The base of our recurring customers, who appreciate the quality of solutions and reliability of our products we provide, is expanding from year to year.

The customer portfolio includes famous Norwegian brands with which we have developed long-term business relations. As of 2019, they are also joined by domestic and foreign businesses operating in the beauty & spa sector, who see the purchase of certified oxygen chambers provided by us as a great investment potential and an opportunity to expand their business with wellness services.