EU funds

European Union funds for Ekonstal Group

Ekonstal sp. z o.o. sp. k. (a limited liability company/partnership) is implementing the project subsidised by European Funds and titled “Market Launch of Innovative Normobaric chambers”.


Improving the competitiveness of EKONSTAL sp. z o.o. sp. k. through effective implementation of innovative normobaric chambers to the market.

Project description:

The project is the purchase of modern tangible assets, which are machines, together with specialised software necessary for the market implementation of improved and time innovative normobaric chambers. The project will acquire the following tangible and intangible assets:

  1. Sheet metal bending machine (press brake)
  2. Steel profile coiler
  3. 3CD CAD software.

The project responds to the market demand for modern and innovative normobaric chambers, which will enable the Applicant to diversify the portfolio of its products and expand its sales onto new markets, both in terms of geography and subject. With a successful project implementation, EKONSTAL sp. z o.o. sp. k. will expand its sales portfolio onto hotel, hospitality, spa, sports, recreational and medical services. Ekonstal intends to manufacture its equipment for domestic and international markets. Thanks to its experience in manufacturing pressure vessels, Ekonstal will achieve adequate repeatability of its production.

The project will achieve the following indicators:

  1. Product indicators:
    • Number of entities applying ITC technologies – 1.
    • Number of enterprises receiving support (CI1) – 1 enterprise.
    • Number of enterprises receiving subsidies (CI2) – 1 enterprise.
    • Number of enterprises supported in environmental innovation – 1.
    • Private investment complementary to public support for business enterprises (subsidies) (CI 6) – PLN 223,900.00
    • Number of enterprises supported to launch new products on the market (CI 28) – 1 enterprise.
  2. Outcome indicators:
    • Number of launched product innovations – 1.
    • Employment increase in supported enterprises (CI8) – 1.00 FTE.

Project value: 723 900,00 zł
European Funding share: 500 000,00 zł