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Ekonstal production facility

Ekonstal - Our Clients

The products from the Ekonstal Group are supplied to customers from around the world, including Europe, Africa, Canada, and Australia. Our customers include:

  • oil companies,
  • international petrochemical concerns,
  • fuel station chains / petrol retail networks,
  • gas distribution operations,
  • agricultural sector,
  • armed forces,
  • aircraft companies,
  • tourism, wellness & spa, and medical rehabilitation operations, including health and holiday resorts, and sports clubs.

Our largest foreign customers are based in many countries, including Norway, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Canada, and Hungary.

Our manufacturing plant (tank factory) is located in Piotrków Kujawski, with the Sales Office and Technical Service Department based in Osielsko near Bydgoszcz.



Sales office in a steel tanks production plant | Ekonstal, Osielsko

Ekonstal - yesterday and today

Ekonstal can look back on more than 70 years of history. The manufacturing facility was established in 1953, and in 2015, underwent a major reorganisation and upgrades following a change of ownership. New growth strategy and new management methods were implemented, resulting today in one of the fastest growing and most modern production facilities of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe.

Well-developed infrastructure and production facilities help us to meet the demands of the most exacting customers. Our welcoming, comfortable and well set-up washing and sanitary staff facilities are aesthetically pleasing and functional, meeting the health and safety standards.

One of our priorities is to maintain and develop in our tank factory a friendly working environment which is conducive to:

  • high quality and efficiency of work – by investing in technical facilities,
  • the comfort in which the employees satisfy their basic needs – by investing in the expansion of staff facilities (canteens, changing rooms, toilets, washrooms, and showers),
  • efficient transport and logistics of manufactured products and inbound deliveries – by investing in maintenance of adequate circulation ways on site,
  • adequate customer service – by investing in office and conference rooms.

Currently, Ekonstal employs dozens of skilled workers, including welders, painters, CNC machine operators, shot blasters, design engineers, warehouse staff, quality inspectors and other experts, including the administration personnel.