A manufacturer of steel tanks and normobaric chambers

Ekonstal Group

The Ekonstal Group is a leading Polish manufacturer of aboveground and underground tanks of black steel for the storage of of liquid substances. We offer a wide range of products, incl. fuel tanks, LPG and DME tanks, AdBlue tanks, industrial tanks, tanks for liquid fertilizers and other chemicals, as well as corrosive or environmentally hazardous substances. Ekonstal is also a supplier of mobile fuel stations and fuel stations in a container.

We have specialised in the production of normobaric oxygen chambers, which are modern units for the delivery of normobaric sessions that can support the regeneration of the human body, and complete with comfort amenities. We are at the forefront of this market segment, supplying certified normobaric equipment to customers demand premium quality, reliability and safety.

Ekonstal Group - Polish manufacturer of aboveground and underground tanks of black steel
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Every product that leaves our manufacturing facility is unique and special. No matter whether it is an underground tank, surface tank, a fuel station, or a normobaric chamber – depending on the order and the needs of the customer, these products may vary in many parameters of outfitting and accessories, visual finish, and size.

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What makes us stand out?

By purchasing Ekonstal tanks, you get the highest quality and guaranteed standards in the when it comes to the technology applied. We make sure that all products are capable of storing substances in accordance with environmental standards, while eliminating their potential negative impact on the environment. Each steel tank that leaves our production plant is manufactured according to your individual needs. In this regard, we are highly flexible and able to provide the final product that meets the client’s requirements.

We are the only manufacturer in Poland to offer completely safe devices for session with exposure to increased oxygen partial pressure, based on the highest standards of construction, durability and technology. They are used by SPAs, sports facilities, rehabilitation centres, individual clients and others. Normobaric oxygen session is a perfect supplementation to various treatments in the health, beauty & SPA category, as they can support the regeneration of the body.