The guide to normobaria

This method of assisting regeneration and relaxation of the human body has been winning over a growing number of followers among by people who care about their health, physicians, and scientists. In Poland alone, more than 30 normobaric chambers manufactured by the Ekonstal Group – the only certified manufacturer of this type of equipment in Poland – have been put into operation in the last four years. Our products also find customers from all over the world, including Spain, Malta and Canada.

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What is a normobaric chamber and what are they used for?

What are their possible applications?

Here is a summary of the key points concerning normobaria as a guidestone to understanding its essence and its impact on improving overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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    Atmosphere inside the chamber

    The parameters of the atmosphere inside the normobaric chamber are altered and different from the normal Earth's atmosphere. These altered atmospheric parameters – according to the findings of scientists – can contribute to a faster regeneration of the body. The change involved is to increase the internal pressure of the normobaric chamber by approximately 500 hPa from the atmospheric pressure, along with an increase in the partial pressure levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, coupled with modification of their volumetric concentration in the air.

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    Scientific research

    Normobaric chambers manufactured by the Ekonstal Group as the only products in Poland to have been studied by a team of scientists from the Faculty of Medicine of Collegium Medicum at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The results of this study have confirmed the pro-wellness benefits of normobaric chamber applications.

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    Optimal atmospheric parameters

    Compared to the Earth’s atmosphere, the parameters of the atmosphere inside the normobaric chamber are altered to create conditions as favourable as possible for the functioning of the human body. The pressure is increased to 1,500 hPa (which is approximately 500 hPa above the standard sea level pressure), and as scientists ensure, this level ensures the optimal course of life processes.

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    The air quality inside the chamber is monitored by decontamination units, available as optional equipment. These devices are operated in indoor spaces where sterility of the setting is important (like in operating theatres, ICUs, laboratories, or hospital wards). The decontamination units decontaminate air by purification and filtering to prevent transmission of diseases and infections. The devices provided by Ekonstal are easy to operate and do not require installation to start (it is enough to place the device in a sheltered room and start the required program). They can also be used for e.g. removal of unpleasant odours, cigarette smoke, harmful gases, which include formaldehyde, ammonia, or benzene, as well as large to medium-sized particulate matter, or hair.

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    Export product appreciated in the world

    The products offered by the Ekonstal Group are appreciated by both Polish customers and customers from other parts of the world, incl. North America.

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    Physiotherapy and normobaric sessions

    Normobaric sessions with increased level of oxygen partial pressure can support the rehabilitation process after physical trauma, contusions or accidents. Effective oxygenation of the tissues can speed up the healing of micro-injuries to tendons, joints and muscles, accelerating the return to full fitness and good shape.

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    Respiratory gas mixture

    In contrast to a hyperbaric chamber, the occupants of which breathe pure medical purity oxygen through masks or oxygen delivery nasal adapters, a mixture of gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen) with properly modified parameters is used for respiration in the normobaric chamber. No respirators are required to be worn. A standard normobaric session is 2 hours. The stay in the normobaric chamber can be longer. How is the internal atmosphere generated in the normobaric chamber? First, the external atmospheric air is compressed, followed by enrichment of the volumetric composition by addition of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen to achieve specific partial pressure levels of these gases.

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    User stories

    The accounts of people who have benefited from normobaric oxygen sessions confirm their positive effects on wellbeing and quality of life. This type of regenerative session can benefit seniors as well as middle-aged adults, teenagers and children, regardless of their state of health.

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    An investment that pays off

    Normobaria is an excellent investment both financially and health-wise. It brings tangible benefits to people who use the normobaric chamber to improve their wellbeing. It also guarantees a high rate of return for those businesses who have decided to invest in a normobaric chamber to provide normobaric sessions as a part of their commercial operations.

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    Quality and safety

    The safe use of low-pressure normobaric chambers is certified by the declaration of conformity and the CE marking. The operating safety is also certified by the manufacturer’s compliance with national fire safety requirements (Learn more about the safety of normobaric chambers).

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    Research conducted by scientists around the world on the use of oxygen sessions during recovery from the COVID-19 infection confirms the high potential of the method’s efficacy. The normobaric sessions with increased level of oxygen partial pressure have helped many patients regain breathing comfort while accelerating the recovery of organs attacked by the virus.

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    Better functioning of the human body

    Normobaric sessions stimulate the body to work more efficiently on many different levels. They can help maintain good physical condition and have a positive impact on the mental and emotional areas in individuals.

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    Ear pressure equalisation methods

    During compression and decompression in the airlock, a discomfort can be experienced in the middle ear due to pressure variations. The techniques commonly used by divers can help overcome the discomfort, like ‘pumping’ the ears and swallowing saliva vigorously while clenching the nostrils shut.

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    CO2 – carbon dioxide

    The increased level of carbon dioxide partial pressure in the atmosphere of the normobaric chamber favours the absorption of oxygen by the human body. It makes it easier for oxygen to separate from haemoglobin and reach the tissues more quickly, particularly where oxygen is needed the most.

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    Normobaric sessions are not a medical procedure and normobaric chamber is not a medical device. Normobaria is inspired by nature and is based on harnessing its potential. For this reason, it can be used by everyone, regardless of age or health condition. Contraindications are few and include, but are not limited to: haemorrhage, pregnancy, cataract, viral infections with fever, ear and sinus disorders, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, untreated major tooth defects, implanted heart pacers, hypoglycaemia in diabetics, conditions after chest surgery, and claustrophobia.

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    The participants of oxygen sessions in a normobaric chamber can use the dispenser of RedOx water. It is hydrogen-saturated water with a negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), a source of extremely effective antioxidants.

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    A normobaric oxygen session in an oxygen SPA

    An oxygen session in the normobaric chamber (otherwise a session with exposure to increased oxygen partial pressure or an enhanced oxygen session) is designed to have the occupant of the chamber held at an increased internal pressure breathe an atmosphere with appropriately modified parameters, which means increased partial pressure levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. These parameters are achieved by compressing air and enriching its volumetric composition by addition of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

    The oxygen partial pressure in atmospheric air (outside of a normobaric chamber) is approximately 21 kPa. In the airways, especially within the pulmonary alveola, the oxygen pressure is reduced, which ultimately governs the volume of blood carried by blood. Oxygen is carried by blood primarily when bound with haemoglobin. The gas exchange between pulmonary alveola, blood, and body cells is in the direction from areas of higher partial pressure to areas of lower partial pressure. An effect is that oxygen moves from pulmonary alveola, which are at a higher partial pressure, to arterial blood (at a lower partial pressure). The partial pressure differential arterial blood and venous blood facilitates oxygen diffusion from arterial blood to body cells.

    In a normobaric chamber, the oxygen pressure is increased to approx. 31.5 – 40 kPa. This increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in plasma. At the same time a high partial pressure differential of oxygen between blood capillaries and tissues facilitates oxygen diffusion and its supply to those tissues and organs where it is most needed. This process is further improved by increasing the partial pressure of carbon dioxide, which accelerates the detachment of oxygen from haemoglobin. Therefore, the effect of a normobaric session is improved efficiency of systemic oxygenation, achieved by improving the gas exchange and supply of oxygen to targets with the highest oxygen demand (including damaged tissues).

    A normobaric chamber can therefore be called an ‘oxygen spa’, as it is the facility to hold sessions intended for overall improvement of well-being by efficient oxygenation of the human body. Oxygen sessions in a normobaric chamber relax and stimulate the body for efficient performance, simulate cell regeneration, may contribute to improved physical and mental fitness, capacity, and immunity, and thus, they demonstrate a health improvement potential. The internal atmosphere of the normobaric chamber enriched with hydrogen (a natural antioxidant) regulates the anti-oxidation system and improves the efficiency of free radical neutralisation in the human body.

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    The partial pressure of oxygen in the normobaric chamber internal atmosphere is higher than in the Earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen uptake by tissues made effective by maintaining the chamber internal absolute pressure at approx. 1500 hPa (150 kPa), with an elevated partial pressure of carbon dioxide.

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    Normobaric sessions with increased level of oxygen partial pressure are a precious alternative to various beauty and spa treatments. The sessions speed up the metabolism, making it easier to maintain a slim figure. They improve the quality of sleep, which reduces fatigue and stimulates more radiant appearance.

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    This is an effective antioxidant that helps the body fight free radicals. The increased level of hydrogen partial pressure in a normobaric chamber atmosphere may contribute to faster neutralisation of oxidants and counteract the effects of oxidative stress.