Cylindrical normobaric chamber


A cylindrical normobaric chamber is a product which is successfully used by Polish and foreign customers to provide services involving safe normobaric sessions with increased level of oxygen partial pressure. The futuristic look and feel of the chamber can already be experienced in dozens of Polish cities. Normobaric chambers expand the recreational services in:

  • hotels,
  • health centres,
  • sports centres
  • other businesses which are interested in wellness and body regeneration.

Interior finish

The price of a cylindrical normobaric chamber includes a fully finished product (check the standard equipment specifications). The interior can be customised by choosing any pattern and colour of printed art on the interior walls, the flooring colour, and seat upholstery colour.

Optional accessories and equipment include interior enhancements like the decontamination units (find out more about air decontamination equipment) or a customised VIP Zone fit-out. One interesting option is to convert the VIP Zone into a bedroom, replacing the seats with comfortable sleepers sofas. Therefore, the final price depends on various elements, which include, among others, device size, standard and finishing options, or transportation issues.

General description


The chamber is shaped like an elongated, horizontal cylinder.


Depending on the specified chamber type, the overall length may vary from about 10 m to a maximum of about 19 m.

Engine room

The automation controls for the normobaric chamber operation must be installed in a dedicated, separate room/building. This means that a suitable infrastructure must be in place to accommodate the engine room for the normobaric chamber.


The proper normobaric chamber may consist of:

  • The Relax Zone (for 9 to 15 people) and the VIP Zone with premium amenities (for 4 people)
  • The Relax Zone only (with the number of occupants to be arranged for with the customer)

There is also fully equipped toilet inside.

Target group

  • Business customers who wish to expand their range of innovative services in beauty and spa.
  • The size of the normobaric chamber can be customised for private buyers who have enough installation space, for example, on a private property.


It is recommended to install the chamber in close proximity to the building in which the reception desk will be located, if any.