Sample visualisations

Since 2018 we have manufactured several dozen normobaric chambers for our clients, including both standard and container versions. Due to the design considerations, the devices always look very similar to each other on the outside. However, the interior can be arranged in a wide variety of ways. This applies to the colours of the interior and accessories, and the type of furniture finishing and its placement.

What interior design elements can be custom-made?

Here are some of them:

  • pattern and colour of the print on the walls
    Considering the shape of the chamber, we suggest light colours and pastel shades for positive associations. This will make the room seem more spacious and less overwhelming, in particular for those who feel discomfort in confined spaces. Strong and dark colours combined with strong, large patterns can create a slightly claustrophobic atmosphere, as the room is relatively narrow compared to its length. The purpose of the normobaric chamber is to create conditions for the best possible relaxation. Although medicine does not confirm the impact of colours on health, psychologists emphasize that colours can influence our emotions, mood and motivation to take certain actions. The white colour gives the impression of cleanliness and brightens the interior, being associated with sterility and freshness. Green introduces the atmosphere of harmony, peace and balance. Blue helps people to calm down, increasing the focus, while purple is good for meditation and has a relaxing effect. So remember to choose colours that allow you to become calm and relaxed.Our clients often decide to choose a photography wallpaper with a motif of landscape or some nature-related element. This gives an impression of three-dimensionality, which is a great advantage in a small room.
  • floor colour – a light floor will make the interior seem lager, while a dark one can be more practical, especially if the device is to be used for commercial purposes and visited frequently by many people,
  • number and type of armchairs – some Clients decide to use fabric upholstery in armchairs (which makes the room look more comfortable), others prefer to finish the furniture with imitation leather (the armchairs then get a more classic and elegant look); there is also an option to order armchairs in two or more different colours,
  • selection of non-standard leisure furniture – in most cases, armchairs are installed both zones (Relax Zone and VIP Zone) of chambers manufactured by Ekonstal, but it is possible to arrange the interior in a different manner, e.g. a bedroom style, in which armchairs in the VIP zone are replaced by two comfortable fold-out sofas for good relaxation during night sessions (see the normobaric chamber with a bedroom).


Double-zone chamber - number of seats: 13 + 4

Double-zone normobaric chamber for 17 people (13 + 4)

It is one of the largest chambers manufactured by the Ekonstal Group. Its total length is about 18.5 m. This type of device is usually chosen by those who plan to start providing normobaric services on a commercial basis. The device can have as many as 19 seats placed in two zones.

Double-zone chamber - number of seats: 8 + 4

Double-zone normobaric chamber for 12 people (8 + 4)

It is a slightly smaller chamber variant, which can be used for service purposes. The Relax zone is shortened, which also reduces the length of the entire device. The interior may or may not be divided into two zones.

One-zone chamber - number of seats: 4

Normobaric oxygen chamber for 4 people

This is a product offered for people who want to purchase a chamber for private purposes. The length of such device is about 10.5 m. The relaxation room can be freely arranged, for example with comfortable lounge chairs or a sofa. It all depends on the Client’s needs and their sense of aesthetics.