Oxygen chamber with a room arranged as a bedroom

Customers' countryPoland

Destignationcommercial normobaric service establishment

Number of seats11 + 4

Interesting information about the project

As standard, we install comfortable cinema seats both in the Relax Zone and the VIP Zone of the normobaric chamber. This type of seating helps to relax in a seated or semi-reclined position, depending on customer’s specifications. However, nothing stands in the way of arranging the interior of the chamber strictly per custom specifications. Sometimes the way the chamber is intended to be used has major importance to the layout of the interior and the outfitting.

For this project, the customer decided that the Relax Zone would be used for commercial services, while the VIP Zone would be restricted primarily to his private use. The customer therefore wanted one of the rooms to be converted into a comfortable lounge and bedroom suite, where he could rest comfortably both during day and at night. Instead of seats, the room features two double pull-out sleeper sofas which are easily converted into beds. These allow the owner of the chamber to enjoy it during sessions at night, too. A dedicated suite of built-in furniture was also delivered. Bespoke lockers are installed behind the back of each sofa. They can be used to store bedding or other belongings, like plaids or books. In addition, we installed minimalist TV cabinets opposite to the front of each sofa. This layout makes it easier and more enjoyable to watch the favourite movies and shows during oxygen sessions than the standard TV installation in the recess above the window.

The chamber Relax Zone can accommodate 11 people at a time. It also features a fully equipped bathroom with a sink and toilet. The customer also chose the printed wall film design and the flooring colour. The customer wanted a colour scheme which, on the one hand, would be based on a consistent palette speaking luxury and refinement (complete with tones of gold and iridescent hues), and on the other hand — thanks to its dynamic composition — would have a stimulating and energising effect.