Container fuel station for a customer from Tiesleidalen, Norway

Customers' countryNorway

Destignationfuel distribution facility

Capacity35 m3

Interesting information about the project

This containerised fuel station was manufactured by the Ekonstal Group for a customer operating in a region of Scandinavia where changing weather are regular with a high air salinity typical of coastal areas. The climate of the target site was therefore a very important factor that drove the technical specifications of the finished product.

The container in which we installed the fuel tank was preserved with special anti-corrosion coatings resistant to precipitation, temperature variations, humidity and highly saline air. A large platform on which we installed the fuel pump supplied by the customer and built a sheltered recess for a payment terminal was also protected against the fickle Norwegian weather. The platform is sheltered from wind, rain and snow by tempered glass guards. The guards, together with dedicated lights mounted under the roof above the platform, offer the consumers the conditions for comfortable refuelling and payment for fuel.

The colour pattern of the container follows the customer’s corporate identity. We covered the side walls with a graphic design by the customer, which is illuminated by LED side lights and a LED strip along the top edge. The structure is particularly impressive in the evening hours. The graphic design on the side walls endow the container a finish which is more welcoming than utilitarian, which can help with a better overall look and feel experienced by the users. This feature is important because the reason why we were commissioned to build this fuel station in a container was that the customer wanted to replace the container unit with a newer and much more modern solution. One of the main considerations for this project was the comprehensiveness of the technical solutions, which needed to provide feasible self-service to the fuel station users. The overall design of the structure was also important for the customer as its positive differentiator on the market.

The fuel tank sheltered inside of the container has four compartments for storage of gasoline, AdBlue, clear Diesel fuel and dyed Diesel fuel. Refuelling is facilitated with a double-sided fuel pump installed in parallel with the fuel tank’s centreline. The AdBlue compartment is heated and thermally insulated, and the fuel delivery piping is made of stainless steel. The product refilling pump for it boasts 700 litres a minute. At the customer’s request, the technical access room with an electrical and ICT panel was located in the front part of the container, next to the platform, and the product refilling room is in the back of the container.