Cylindrical fuel stations

The distinctive feature of this group of products is the special platform under the dispenser and the roof covering it, which are integrated into an above-ground tank dedicated to fuel storage. This platform can be of various lengths (adapted, for example, to the number of dispensers that will eventually be mounted on it) and can also take the form of a shallow drip tray. In addition, we can offer to cover it on one or two sides with steel panels, which will ultimately protect it, for example, from rain or wind, thus increasing the comfort of refuelling vehicles and boats.

Cylindrical fuel stations – examples

Some of the cylindrical fuel stations that we have manufactured on behalf of our customers are used both for road traffic and the refuelling of vessels. See examples of realisations and find out how we can tailor a cylindrical fuel station to the customer’s requirements.

Steel tank with a drip tray platform

A cylindrical petrol station with a platform built on two sides

capacity: 20 m3

Tank for liquid fuel with a platform and roof

Tank for liquid fuel with a platform and roof, Hestoya island in Norway

capacity: 26 m3

Self-service fuel station | Ekonstal Group

A petrol station with a custom platform for a fuel dispenser

capacity: 30 m3

A mobile fuel station | Ekonstal

A mobile fuel station for a client from Norway

capacity: 35 m3

Mobile fuel station | Ekonstal

Mobile fuel station in an industrial area

capacity: 50 m3