Mobile fuel station in an industrial area

Kraj odbiorcyNorwegia

Destignationfuel distribution facility for road vehicles

Capacity50 m3

Interesting information about the project

Mobile fuel stations can easily cover the fuel demand of corporate fleets at industrial production sites. Their advantage is quick installation – once a mobile fuel station is delivered to the site, it can be commissioned almost immediately, without the need to build foundations or any infrastructure, usually including shopping and management office facilities.

For this project, the mobile fuel station was designed per the customer’s specific guidelines driven by the specific nature of on-site operations. The three-compartment fuel tank stores AdBlue, clear Diesel fuel and dyed Diesel fuel. Both Diesel fuels are dispensed at the platform in front of the fuel tank. AdBlue is drawn from the pumps installed under a shelter built separately by the customer; the pumps are supplied via the delivery pipelines suitably installed. This fuel station is not used for commercial distribution, but for internal distribution in a closed industrial facility, a short platform sheltered by a roof was installed. There was no need to install additional guards or tempered glass panels nor any additional lighting. The roof shelters the pumps from rain, and a ladder on one of the longer sides of the fuel tank allows operators to easily access the coaming and piping components.

The AdBlue compartment is heated and thermally insulated, as is the AdBlue delivery line connected to the pumps under the shelter. This protects the fluid from temperature variations, particularly freezing and overheating.