Fuel station in a container for a client from Western Norway

Customers' countryNorway

Destignationfuel distribution facility for road vehicles

Capacity35 m3

Interesting information about the project

Cube fuel stations are very popular in many regions of the world, as they are extremely convenient to operate with compliance to the most stringent environmental protection standards. While Polish regulations severely restrict the use of this type of facilities and prohibit their operation for retail fuel sales, the solution like this is immensely popular among our customers from Scandinavian and other countries. Here is one containerised station installed in a Norwegian town next to a shopping mall, where vehicular traffic is high. It is self-service commercial fuel distribution location.

The technical room with the electrical and ICT panel and the product refilling room are located in the rear of the container. Per our standard specification, we installed a 700 l/min product refilling pump with stainless steel delivery piping. The fuel tank has three compartments for separate storage of gasoline, clear Diesel fuel and dyed Diesel fuel, with total capacity 35 m3. The fuel can be dispensed from a double-sided fuel pump installed square to the fuel tank’s centreline. The fuel pump and the payment terminal supplied by the customer were installed on a platform sheltered by a roof. Tempered glass panels shelter the platform from rain and wind. The practical effect of this solution applies to the operation of the facility and the convenience of its users who demand comfortable conditions for refuelling and payment. There is also a practical effect of the lights installed above the platform, the LED light strip along the top edge, and the LED side lights. The complex illumination of the container makes it visible from a distance. Combined with an interesting colour pattern and a top-quality finish, the overall effect makes the fuel station enticing.

The customer personally selected the colours of individual components of the outer structure based on RAL colour charts. This ensured a look and feel consistent with the customer’s corporate identity principles. For this project, the logo made of adhesive film was installed on the container wall by the customer. Our job was to simply prepare the substrate for the film, complete with anti-corrosion coatings.