Aboveground tanks

The above-ground steel tanks we offer are characterized by excellent strength and resistance, both to external factors and to the physico-chemical properties of the medium stored inside. Our projects are dominated by aboveground horizontal tanks, which, depending on the design, can hold from 3 to 200 m3 of liquid substances in one or several (maximum 8) internal chambers. At the customer’s request, we can also make aboveground single-chamber vertical tanks with a capacity of 3 to 120 m3. In both cases, they can be both single-skin and twin-walled tanks aboveground tanks.


Examples of interesting aboveground tanks

Each steel aboveground tank that leaves our production plant is a personalized product, prepared in accordance with the parameters expected by the recipient, as well as attention to technical details. We present a few examples of projects we have completed, which will allow you to get acquainted with the possibilities in terms of finishing, additional accessories or volume. They include, e.g.:

  • aboveground tanks with an additional insulating layer, used to ensure the appropriate storage temperature of the medium,
  • aboveground tanks with a vertical axis, which at the destination will create a base of tanks connected by a specially constructed platform,
  • aboveground tanks used to supply motorboats with fuel and other vessels.

Aboveground steel tanks can be equipped with additional equipment depending on the customer’s needs. These can be, e.g., ladders, balustrades, platforms, a platform for a distributor, additional lighting, etc.

Steel storage aviation fuel tank

JET-A1 aviation fuel tanks – a project for an airport in the north of Norway

capacity: 80 m3 and 80 m3

Vertical tank for cooking oil

Vertical tank for cooking oil

capacity: 75 m32

Vertical steel tanks with a heating system | Ekonstal

Vertical steel tanks with a heating system

capacity: 100 m3

Specialised tank for storing flammable liquids | Ekonstal

Specialised tank for storing flammable liquids

50 m3

Above-ground, single-chamber steel tanks made for a customer from Lithuania | Ekonstal

Aboveground, single-chamber steel tanks made for a customer from Lithuania

capacity: 60 m3

Vertical steel tanks with a heating system | Ekonstal

Tanks with a vertical axis, almost 9 m high, for a client from France

capacity: 50 m3

A small above-ground horizontal tank

A small aboveground tank for a customer in Sandnessjoen, Norway

capacity: 6 m3

Fuel tank for watercraft | Ekonstal

Fuel tank for watercraft for a client from Norway

capacity: 20 m3

Aboveground two-compartment tank | Ekonstal

Aboveground two-compartment tank on the island of Indre Kvaroy, Norway

capacity: 50 m3

A large five-compartments fuel tank | Ekonstal

A large five-compartments fuel tank

capacity: 100 m3