Above-ground, single-chamber steel tanks made for a customer from Lithuania

Customers' countryLithuania

Designationfuel storage

Capacity60 m3

Interesting information about the project

It is one of four aboveground, horizontal-axis tanks that we manufactured for our Lithuanian customer. Each of them has two shells, about 13 metres in length and only one chamber, which can hold up to 60,000 litres of Diesel oil. They were manufactured according to EN 12285-2 standard. As they are used for fuel storage, they have a typical cylindrical shape and convex dished ends with a diameter of 2.5 metres. However, a few non-standard features of this order are worth mentioning.

One of them is bringing the pipeline out to the dished end. It serves two purposes. Firstly, it facilitates the delivery of fuel to the tank it needs refilling. Secondly, it facilitates the delivery of fuel directly to the dispensers installed by the customer after the tanks had been delivered to the designated location in Lithuania.

In addition to a special external anti-corrosion coating, the safety of the product is enhanced by the highest quality Self Climat overfill prevention valves. Their function is to limit the possibility of overfilling the tanks during their filling. They automatically interrupt the flow of the substance when the maximum level is reached in the tank.

Another interesting feature is the personalisation of the colour of the C5 paint system we used for the external protection of the tank. The colour of the anti-corrosion coating was selected by the customer from a RAL template. It is an unusual (for this type of product) shade of beige. The colour is very neutral, allowing the tanks to blend in with the surroundings. In the case of aboveground tanks with a horizontal axis, not only durability, ecological safety and tightness, but also aesthetics is important.

The tanks were equipped with a service platform protected by a railing. A reinforced ladder guarantees access to the platform located next to the manhole. These elements have been prepared by us for independent installation by the customer at the target location.