A small above-ground tank for a customer in Sandnessjoen, Norway

Customers' countryNorway

Destignationfuel storage

Capacity6 m3

Interesting information about the project

Here is an example of one of the smallest fuel tanks, made to order for our customer in Scandinavia. This “baby” has a capacity of 6 m3. We coated in for a unusual sand colour, as specified by the customer. The colour was chosen from the RAL colour chart. The external surface was, of course, additionally protected with an anti-corrosion coating, which is particularly important because of the final installation location with inclement and changing weather.

Can we say a little more about it? It is a single-compartment surface gasoline tank. The piping is made of stainless steel. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, the suction pipe is connected to the tank head. There is an interstitial leak detection system and mechanical overfill and check valves provided.