Tanks with a vertical axis, almost 9 m high, for a client from France

Customers' countryFrance

Designationstorage of liquid substances

Capacity50 m3

Interesting information about the project

For many years, we have been an expert in the manufacturing of horizontal tanks of various capacities and diameters. Such tanks are the most popular type made in our production plant. However, our experience allows us to successfully carry out orders for products with other parameters, such as cylindrical tanks with a vertical axis.

One of the projects we have completed in recent months involved the production and delivery of seven single-compartment vertical tanks, each with a capacity of 50 m3. They were installed on the site of a project carried out by one of our Clients in France. Arranged in two parallel rows, the tanks were connected by a special platform for free access to each of them. The platform can be entered using a properly secured ladder.

This layout allowed us to establish a base of tanks used for the storage of liquid substances such as MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate utilised in many industries, including the production of polyurethanes) and polyols (chemical substances of the polyhydric alcohol group). This creates a great impression as the base rises almost 9 metres above the ground, which is the total height of each of the tanks.