Fuel tank for watercraft for a client from Norway

Customers' countryNorway

Destignationfuel distribution facility for water craft

Capacity20 m3

Interesting information about the project

Our Norwegian customer operates a commercial fuel distribution facility for water craft. It was quite challenging to establish this location, and for a number of reasons. How does one supply fuel to boats and jet skis safely to the environment? How does one store fuel in an environmentally neutral way? How can the entire infrastructure be organised to overcome the constraints of climate and terrain?

The aboveground gasoline and Diesel fuel tank manufactured by the Ekonstal Group was sited on a narrow headland just off the shoreline of the bay. It is accessed via a narrow paved road that ends at the head of the water. This posed another challenge, as the width of the access road severely limits the manoeuvrability of the road fuel tanker. The tanker can only reach the location by reversing to refill the gasoline and Diesel fuel tank compartments. This is the reason why the product refilling pump and the electrical panel are installed in an unusual location, on a side of the tank.

We installed the fillbox on the tank head and provided the fuel tank with an extra interstitial leak detection system. This double-walled, two-compartment fuel tank for separate storage of gasoline and Diesel fuel is provided with a mechanical overfill valve and a mechanical non-return valve. A ladder installed on the side of this surface fuel tank provides access to a platform with a railing, both installed between the manholes on top.

Close to the fuel tank, the customer built a wooden shelter under which two fuel pumps are installed. There are delivery houses running to a long, metal deck to which vessels navigating the bay dock. The fuel pump nozzles are accessible from the deck, while payment for refuelling is facilitated with a terminal installed under the wooden shelter. The facility provides full self-service.