Normobaric chamber in a container for client from North America

Customers' countryCanada

Destignationcommercial normobaric service establishment

Number of seats9 + 2

Interesting information about the project

A customer from Canada commissioned us to build a containerised normobaric chamber. It is an all-in-one product where the machinery room is housed together with the proper normobaric chamber in a single container unit. As a result, it is not necessary to construct a separate building for automatic controls close to the oxygen capsule. The solution facilitated international transport to the final destination of the project.

This chamber is slightly smaller than the standard units we provide for commercial normobaric services. In the Relax Zone we installed 9 comfortable cinema seats with manual backrest adjustment. The armrests are provided with cupholders. In the VIP Zone, which is smaller than the standard solution, two premium seats are installed. The seats are electrically powered recliners operated with push-buttons on the inner sides of the armrests. The backrest can be tilted back and the footrest can be deployed to allow a semi-reclined position. In addition, each seat has a cup holder fitted in one armrest and a dedicated mount receptacle in the other armrest, where a small, wooden swivel top can be installed to serve as a laptop stand or a handy table, and replaceable with a large tablet cradle.

The customer decided that printed wall film is the most popular with our customers. A dedicated suite of built-in furniture was made for the VIP Zone to provide storage for blankets, cups, mugs, coffee machine accessories and other objects which come handy during sessions in the normobaric chamber. There are large TVs in both chamber zones for enjoying VOD and real-time shows.

An interesting part of the project is the small kitchenette located between the VIP and Relax Zones, right next to the bathroom. It features an additional cupboard and a sink which helps the users to quickly wash the dishes used during the oxygen sessions.