A large five-compartments fuel tank

Customers' countryNorway

Destignationfuel storage

Capacity100 m3

Interesting information about the project

This bunded giant of a aboveground tank can hold a staggering 100 m3 with impressive 17 m of length and 2900 mm of diameter. It is one of those products leaving our manufacturing plant that surprises with its sheer size. For this reason, during the production process we gave the fuel tank a moniker, “Project Beast” 🙂 This type of project is also a considerable logistical challenge, especially when a tank made by the Ekonstal Group is to be delivered to a customer located in a European country overseas from Poland.

The fuel tank houses five compartments for storing:

  • clear Diesel,
  • dyed Diesel,
  • HVO 100,
  • gasoline,
  • AdBlue.

We insulated the AdBlue vessel with mineral wool clad in galvanized aluminium sheet. It features a dedicated heater to protect the contents from temperature drops that could cause crystallisation. The delivery piping from the AdBlue compartment is thermally insulated. Heat tracing was installed on the piping. Each compartment is fitted with a mechanical overfill valve and a mechanical check valve. Interstitial leak detection was installed.

It is not only the sheer size that makes us happy to boast about this project. Some of the structural features were determined by the unusual installation location of the fuel tank. The special conditions specified by the customer meant that the “Beast” had to be deployed right next to the coastline. As a result, there is free access from the land side to only one of the tank heads – the opposite end of the tank directly faces the water. This forced a unusual solution consisting in arranging the delivery piping, the fillbox, and the product refill pump on the tank end toward the land. We also installed a service ladder on the front wall of the tank to allow access to the service platform and the manholes and piping by it.