Oxygen SPA for client from Canada

Customers' countryCanada

Destignationcommercial normobaric service establishment

Number of seats9 + 2

Interesting information about the project

Normobaric chambers manufactured by the Ekonstal Group can be provided with many customisation options. The layout customisation applies to general aesthetic design and the interior fit-out. For this project, the North American customer opted for a more classic colour finish of seating upholstery and a printed wall film in colours to match. The black upholstery looks very refined – it is also practical because of the commercial use of this project. The colour scheme of the wallpaper (with shades of grey and white, plus black accents) is subdued.

The chamber can accommodate a total of 11 people for one session, where 9 seats are installed in the Relax Zone and another 2 in the VIP Zone, which boasts a higher standard. Both Zone rooms are separated by a fully equipped toilet and (which is a unique feature of this project) a small kitchenette in the link between the rooms. A custom-made cabinet with a sink was installed the kitchenette for quickly washing cups and mugs used by the customers during their oxygen sessions. The feature is also handy for the daily cleaning service.

Inside this cube chamber there are 9 cinema seats with manually reclined backrests and 2 reclining seats with push-button controls for powered adjustment of the footrests and the backrests. For the convenience of the users, each seat has a cup holder which is very handy as the chamber features a RedOx water dispenser. The seats in the VIP Zone are enhanced with mount receptacles to accommodate a tablet cradle or a small swivel top. Small lights make it easy to comfortably read newspapers or books, and the power USB ports are there for recharging mobiles.

The chamber and its machinery room are housed in a container unit. This solution dispenses away with any need for a separate technical building dedicated to house automatic controls. This type of containerised normobaric chamber has been developed for customers from outside Poland, based in a location which makes it challenging to deliver the product for installation. A containerised, packaged solution reduces the costs of shipping and streamlines on-site installation. The advantage of mobility improved by the containerised design is critical for projects the customers for operate outside of Europe and require the product to be shipped by sea.