Normobaric for Life chamber in Osielsko near Bydgoszcz

Customers' countryPoland

Destignationcommercial normobaric service establishment; demonstration chamber by the Ekonstal company

Number of seats13 + 4

Interesting information about the project

One of the first chambers produced by the Ekonstal Group is operated Osielsko near Bydgoszcz, Poland. The chamber serves as a demonstration facility for customers interested in purchasing this type of facility — for commercial operation or private use. It is also a commercial normobaric service operation available to the residents of Osielsko, Bydgoszcz and other cities located in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province; tourists are welcome, too.

This is the demonstrator of the largest normobaric chambers we manufacture. It is divided into two sections – the Relax Zone, with thirteen comfortable seats which feature manually reclining backrests and cupholders, and the VIP Zone, with four premium seats. The chamber also has a fully fitted out WC that users can use during oxygen sessions. Both rooms have TVs, air conditioning and air decontamination units, which purify and filter air.

The opportunity to visit a normobaric chamber in operation facilitates understanding the operating conditions and functional principle to drive the decision to purchase one. Customers can verify what the compression and decompression process looks like, inspect the control panels, see the equipment managing the chamber air parameters, and learn about the preconditions necessary for the smooth running of the reception desk. They can also inspect the finish of the normobaric device, the quality of the materials used, the comfort of the seats installed inside, and learn how the RedOx water dispenser works.