A cylindrical petrol station with a platform built on two sides

Customers' countryNorway

Designationfuel distribution point

Capacity20 m3

Interesting information about the project

This is another cylindrical mobile fuel station of this type that we have produced for a customer from Norway. We built the platform for the distributor with steel panels on both sides. Thus, it remains open only from one side. It has some advantages. This type of construction solution is an additional protection of the platform against unfavourable weather conditions, and such are in the place where the station will be operated. Thanks to this, the following are protected from precipitation and wind:

  • the electrical switchboard, which is mounted on the bottom of the tank,
  • the place where the customer installed the distributor after delivering the station to the target location.

The roof-covered platform for the distributor has the form of a shallow drip tray, over 3 m long and over 2 m wide. Its task is to minimize the risk of environmental contamination in the event of a distributor failure and uncontrolled fuel leakage. It is designed to prevent leaking liquid fuel from spilling outside the platform. The previously mentioned distributor has been mounted on a special platform, which additionally protects this element of equipment.

The cylindrical, double-walled horizontal tank has a capacity of 20,000 litres. It is divided into two chambers, each of which can hold 10 m3 of diesel or petrol. Lighting is installed under the roof, which increases the comfort of refuelling vehicles after dark. The roof also covers the stainless steel piping which has been led under it to the distributor.

The dark grey colour of the tank’s outer shell and the entire platform was chosen by the customer. It was to ensure the greatest possible neutrality in terms of visual interference with the landscape.

Fuel distribution points of this type are a very popular solution. Entrepreneurs from both the European Union and those operating in other parts of the world (e.g. North America) use it. They provide the possibility of storing fuels in accordance with ecological standards. They are perfect in places where it is not possible to build a standard petrol station, e.g. near water reservoirs or in the mountains. They allow for easy and safe refuelling of motor boats or snowmobiles. Thus, they eliminate the need to transport fuel in canisters and pour it into the tanks of these vehicles, which could be associated with the risk of environmental contamination. Therefore, they contribute to neutralizing the potentially negative impact of these substances on the ecosystem.

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