Fuel tank in a container - Botnhamn, Northern Norway

Customers' countryNorway

Designationfuel distribution facility for water craft and road vehicles

Capacity40 m3

Interesting information about the project

A containerised fuel station is the ideal solution for customers who want to set up a fuel distribution facility in locations challenging to traditional construction. The challenges include topography, geological conditions, and the proximity of water navigated by yachts and motor boats. The fuel supply provided for the operators of various water craft, most of which is propelled by internal combustion engines, is an interesting feature of this project we have completed for a customer in Norway.

Typical of Scandinavian countries, the installation location of this containerised fuel station is characterised by changing weather. The proximity to the coastline was another challenge. This is because the station is not only used for refuelling road vehicles, but water vessels, too. In addition to the dynamic weather, there is also the high salinity of air and water, typical of coastal areas. High salt concentrations in the air can cause accelerated corrosion of the container’s steel parts.

The solution for this problem is the application of special anti-corrosion coatings for protection against sodium chloride, dust, and volatile chemicals. We installed the fuel pump delivered by the customer in parallel to the fuel tank’s centreline on a platform sheltered by a roof and illuminated with LED panels. We also built a recess for the customer to install a payment terminal for processing payment for refuelling. The top edge of the container is illuminated by a LED strip. In the rear part of this fuel station there is space for a technical room with electrical and ICT panels and the product refilling room.

The fuel delivery piping extending from the fuel tank is made of stainless steel. The piping arrangement allows the customer to extend it to the deck for refuelling the docked vessels, mainly jet skis.