Filling station for cars and snowmobiles for a Norwegian customer

Customers' countryNorway

Designationfuel distribution point for road traffic and snowmobiles

Capacity20 m3

Interesting information about the project

This is one of the smallest container filling stations we have produced to date. Despite the smaller size of the tank it is in no way inferior to its peers that have previously left our production line. What makes it different?

  • Most often, customers ordering this type of product expect a station that allows for filling with two types of liquid fuel, so we usually offer tanks with two or more chambers. In this case the station was intended only for petrol, so we used a single-compartment tank with a capacity of 20 m3 and a diameter of 2500 mm. This tank is equipped with a leak detection system in the interstitial space. The tank piping was made from stainless steel.
  • The station was located in Norway, a country with highly volatile weather and a long winter. Filling up in such conditions is not pleasant, especially when there is a strong wind, snow or rain. In summer, the container will be used for filling up cars and in winter mainly for snowmobiles. The platform for the dispenser and payment terminal were permanently shielded with a wall at the front and additionally on both sides with a specially constructed gate. It is a robust roller shutter, adapted to the weather conditions on site. The gate / roller shutter is electrically controlled and has the option of manual lifting and closing, e.g. in the event of a power failure. This protection of the platform increases the comfort of use and protects the equipment installed on the platform.
  • The container’s external appearance was tailored to the requirements of the customer, who chose a colour from the RAL chart. The container’s edges and the boards around the door openings enhance the aesthetic quality. Because they are darker than the walls, these elements provide an interesting visual contrast. On the sides of the container there are stickers made of black fluorescent film. They are weather-resistant and also effectively increase the container’s visibility, especially when it is dark. Reflected light, e.g. car headlights, creates an intense brightening effect, which will translate into an additional, positive aesthetic effect.
  • Two separate rooms are located in the container. One is a flooding room, equipped with a Tapflo loading pump. The second is a technical room which contains electrical and data communication switchgear.
  • We have installed appropriate lighting in both rooms. LED lights are also installed under the roof of the platform with the dispenser.