Normobaric chamber for private use

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Commercial use of chambers for normobaric sessions

The interior of the pressure lock, i.e. the transition room in the normobaric chamber

The interior of the pressure lock, i.e. the transition room in the normobaric chamber

If the device is intended to provide commercial services in the form of organizing sessions with elevated oxygen partial pressure, comfortable seats and standard furniture are installed in the target chamber. In order to increase functionality, the target chamber is, as a rule, divided into two zones – the so-called Relax section and the VIP section. The main purpose of such a solution is to separate additional space for customers who expect a more private atmosphere and a higher standard of relaxation.

Due to the purpose for which the device is used (that is, to allow several or a dozen or so people to comfortably participate in an oxygen session at the same time), a standard arrangement of seats is used. They are positioned against the walls along the entire room. This makes some people, after visiting a normobaric chamber, compare its interior to that of an airplane or a modern train.

Comfort and functionality

Of course, the customer has a wide range of options for customizing the interior, from the color of the walls and the staining of the floor or furniture, to the number and color of the upholstery of the seats (read more about what aspects of the chamber’s appearance and furnishings you can personalize). However, it is worth noting that commercial activities are particularly important, among other things, functionality, practical considerations or ensuring compliance with strict rules related to health and safety or fire protection (read more about safety standards). Hence the arrangement of the chairs, allowing, among other things, for the free movement of several or more people through the passageways (especially when one group leaves the chamber and another is introduced into it) or free access to the bathroom.

Use of chambers for normobaric sessions for private purposes

What if the client wants to use the chamber exclusively for private purposes? In this situation, the way it is used is slightly different.

  • First, access to it is usually limited to a small group of people (the owner and his relatives).
  • Second – there is no need to limit the time spent inside to two hours (that’s how long a standard oxygen session at a commercial normobaric service center lasts).
  • Third – there is no need to make an appointment at a specific time and nor to adjust to the hours of operation of the service point. A private chamber owner can enter and leave the chamber at any time, without having to take into account some pre-imposed session schedule. This gives complete freedom.
  • Fourth – there is no need to arrange a reception area, checkroom or waiting room.

Individual interior design

Bathroom interior in a normobaric chamber for private use

Bathroom interior in a normobaric chamber for private use

As a rule, this makes the size (length) of the unit smaller, and the interior is not divided into two separate zones. It is arranged in such a way that it serves as, for example, a stylish living room, a study for work or a cozy bedroom where you can comfortably spend any night. A selection of upholstered furniture and a dedicated furniture development allow you to turn a commercial facility into a room breathing a homely, intimate aura. Privacy and the ability to isolate oneself from the surroundings make the chamber’s interior an ideal place for conceptual work. The proven, health-promoting potential offered by this device can be maximized in such a situation.

Customization to meet needs and expectations

In the case of purchasing a chamber for private use, there is a much broader opportunity to customize the space in a way that is much more tailored to the lifestyle, stylistic preferences or functional needs of the user. A comfortable sofa with a sleeping function will work much more than a row of armchairs. Made to measure cabinets or shelves will allow you to store personal items and bedding, as well as guarantee a place to display your favorite trinkets or books. Aesthetics and the owner’s taste come to the fore here, because in a private normobaric chamber the owner wants to feel at home.