Recommendations given by Norsk Energiteknikk (NET)

Norsk Energiteknikk (NET) cosists of about 60 employees covering the whole of Norway. NET preforms service, maintenance, inspection, repair, upgrading, engineering and fuel related installation.

NET also supply a wide range of pumps, systems, terminals, tanks and pipes to energy stations.

Our vision is to be Norway’s most competent in fuel technology solutions.

NET have a large product portfolio influding fuel tanks, buss garage solutions, oil equipment, counts, water extraction systems, oil separators and small and large fuel pumps. We take total responsibility for the construction of new gas stations. In addition, we can supply complete oil and fuel plants to wrkshops, as well as to manufacturing and service companies.

NET have experienced Ekonstal as a very professional partner and supplier and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.

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